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About Us

We provide solutions for industrial automation.

Plant and process automation solution for any industry.

Since 1998 we have been involved in industrial automation consultation. Initially, we offered a solution that was made by our manufactures based in the far east. We soon realized that the market demand is a lot different than just the products alone. For any industrial client, it is important that the equipment that they have bought is supported well in the UK and so we now offer custom solutions as well as full maintenance and calibration services.

We now work based on clients problem assessment and so for any solution that you might need please contact us with your current situation and we will work around your need.

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Our Process Automation Solution

Process control instruments.

From simple temperature indicator to complex process controller we have a lot more to offer in our industrial instrumentation section. Please feel free to contact us for any specific instrument that you may think will suit your requirements better.

Process sensors

Because different process needs different sensors so we are offering a full range of standard sensors on this site. If you preferrer a specific sensor that suits your needs better then please feel free to contact us with the drawing of your needs and we will aim to deliver custom solutions.


As industrial cables come with many different quoting so we have standard cables listed on the site. If your process needs a specific type of cable please explain your situation and we will try to help.

Calibration and maintainence services.

Calibration and ongoing maintenance is an essential part of any industrial process plant. We deliver solutions on the live plants as well as calibrate instruments at our location. Please contact us with your requirements.